19 Plaid Photoshop Patterns

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19 Plaid Photoshop Patterns

19 Plaid Photoshop Patterns,

Seamless Carbon Patterns

Seamless Carbon Patterns, The Textures/Patterns can be used for Banners, Posters, Business Cards, Flyers, Wallpapers, Web Elements, Print and Website Backgrounds, 3D-Programs, Artwork and much more! Don’t worry if you are not using Photoshop – the provided .jpg allows you to open this textures in any program of your choice. This Set includes: • 12 Tileable JPG Images (1024 px & 512 px) • .pat file including 6 big sized Carbon Patterns (1024 x 1024 px) Features: • RGB color • 300 dpi • Seamless/Tileable Thank you for taking a look at my Textures!

White & Black Seamless Photoshop Patterns

White & Black Seamless Photoshop Patterns, .PAT file with 20 patterns 20 .PSD files (1400px * 1024px) 20 patterns saved in a tileable .JPG format.

20 Tileable Dark Patterns

20 Tileable Dark Patterns, 20 Tileable Dark Patterns, can be used in web or graphic design. Included: 20 960×960 JPEG images and 1 photoshop PAT file. If you like it please rate

40 Dark Background Patterns 2

40 Dark Background Patterns 2, Subtle bacground patterns – subtle patterns vol.2 Second collection of minimalistic dark backgrounds – patterns for photoshop. 40 seamless subtle patterns for website designs or digital design projects. Pixel background patterns – subtle dark backgrounds Photoshop PAT | 50×50px Tile | 72dpi

120 Subtle Background Patterns – Bundle

120 Subtle Background Patterns – Bundle, Subtle black and white background patterns Bundle include 80 black subtle background patterns and 40 white subtle background patterns. Seamless photoshop patterns. Items in bundle: 40 Dark Background Patterns – http://graphicriver.net/item/40-dark-background-patterns/9261664?WT.ac=portfolio&WT.z_author=graphicriders 40 Dark Background Patterns 2 – http://graphicriver.net/item/40-dark-background-patterns-2/9518043?WT.ac=portfolio_thumb&WT.z_author=graphicriders 40 White Background Patterns – http://graphicriver.net/item/40-white-background-patterns/9296106?WT.ac=item_more_thumb&WT.z_author=graphicriders Subtle backgrounds – 120 seamless background patterns Photoshop PAT files | help.txt

6 Seamless Moss Textures

6 Seamless Moss Textures, All 6 textures in this file have been designed at the massive resolution of 1500×1500px so that you can scale them all the way from close up detail of the content out to a fine repeating pattern. The download itself contains; 6 full color jpg files 1 Photoshop PAT file including 6 patterns A detailed help file for using the .PAT file in Photoshop The textures can be used when designing; Web pages Twitter pages 3D Animation 3D Visualisation & Renderings Backgrounds Posters Banners Anything you can imagine! The patterns are all unique and will therefore create that same sense of uniqueness in your work. This is especially true given the very high resolution. Using seamless patterns

Mega Sci-Fi Hitech Hexagon Patterns

Mega Sci-Fi Hitech Hexagon Patterns, Dear buyers, please note , the patterns are double the size you see above, had to shrink the image so it fits, so when you see 100% size, its actually 50%. And the preview quality here on Graphic River is low. The patterns are crystal clear! Thank you! “Mega Sci-Fi Hi-Tech Hexagon Patterns” Another package of 25 Scifi Hi-Tech HD seamless, hexagon patterns for your sci-fi and modern hexagons needs! (+ 6 bonus patterns) Each pattern is high definition (708 pixels) and 100% tilleable. Includes: – 25 Hexagon Patterns – 9 Randomizer Patterns – 3 Seamless Dirt patterns – All the basic masks – .pat Photoshop pattern file – .png images with transparency (For making seamless patterns in eve

12 Seamless Dark Patterns

12 Seamless Dark Patterns, Collection of 12 Seamless Dark Patterns ready to use in your web or graphic design projects. Item – 12 Seamless Dark Patterns Pixel Dimensions – 1200×1200, 72 dpi What’s Included – 12 Seamless Dark Patterns JPG + 1 PAT file included in the pack. Enjoy!

Useful textures

Useful textures, 8 seamless greyscale texture Photoshop patterns, perfect for overlaying on colour backgrounds for web. Wood, cork, canvas, stucco, wall, denim, carpet and felt textures available.

Fiber Carbon Pattern Backgrounds – Vol-3

Fiber Carbon Pattern Backgrounds – Vol-3, This pattern is available 2 styles, you can easily copy and paste pattern style by psd file. Includes: .pat file .psd file Web Elements                                 Business Cards                 Web Navigation based on 960 grids with XHTML/CSS         Patterns / Textures

Nine Abstract Seamless Bokeh Backgrounds Set 2

Nine Abstract Seamless Bokeh Backgrounds Set 2, Collection of nine abstract seamless bokeh backgrounds Contents: – 1 PSD file (layered) – 9 JPEG files (500×500 px) – 1 PAT file Set # 1 here: http://graphicriver.net/item/nine-abstract-seamless-backgrounds/147634 Set # 2 here: http://graphicriver.net/item/nine-abstract-seamless-backgrounds-set-3/5482752

Psychedelic Kaleidoscope Pattens

Psychedelic Kaleidoscope Pattens, Set of 10 psychedelic kaleidoscope patterns, included .pat file and tileable jpg images If you like it please rate Check out my other items

Digital Screen Patterns

Digital Screen Patterns, Description 25 High quality pixel perfect digital screen patterns most have for UI designers. Files Included 1 ABR file Help PDF file More Patterns

10 Tileable Textile-2 Textures/Patterns

10 Tileable Textile-2 Textures/Patterns, This pack comes with 20 seamless textile patterns. 1 .PAT file with 20 Textile patterns (512px, 1024px) 20 .JPG files containing the seamless patterns (512px, 1024px) Instructions included

Five Seamless Fabric Patterns

Five Seamless Fabric Patterns, Five Seamless/Tileable Fabric Patterns Create high quality Seamless/tileable fabric patterns with included PSD. Great time saver for your next design project. Unlimited color options. Suitable for web, print, mobile, wallpapers,… How To Use The Photoshop PSD is very well organized and very easy to use. Pattern group contains five gray scale patterns. Just turn on/off layers in the PSD document by clicking on the eye thumbnail of each layer to change the pattern. Use the colour fill layer to change the colours. After edit, you can define your own pattern. Just go to Edit menu and select the option Define Pattern. Compatibility Included .PAT and .PSD files are created in the Photoshop CS5

30 Lace Pattern

30 Lace Pattern, A set of patterns for Illustrator that will allow you to create vector imitation lace. Ai, EPS, PSD, JPG high quality. 30 lace patterns and swatches. Easy editing. Contains a separate vector objects. All patterns are created from existing lace.

10 Grass Texture Pattern Part 1

10 Grass Texture Pattern Part 1, Include : .PAT file patterns saved in a tileable .PSD files with 10 layers .JPG Files good for your project

Washed Away Gradients

Washed Away Gradients, “Washed Away” it’s a collection of Photoshop gradients perfect for adding some atmospheric touches to your photos! You can use it like overlays in different layer modes (screen, normal, lighten etc) or as elements of your design. Includes: – 1 grd. file with 15 gradients – help file Feel free to contact me for any help!

Foil Tileable Pattern Backgrounds (vol 1)

Foil Tileable Pattern Backgrounds (vol 1), 15 Photorealistic Seamless Foil Patterns Description: Finally we did it. Super realistic and high unbeaten quality Foil Patterns Pack was created. It was crafted using latest design technologies and photorealistic reflection spread studying. Be sure that it is a unique Ultra HD seamless and tileable solution with 1024×1024 px dimension. Set contains 1 (.psd) file with 15 patterns if you want just to copy the styles, 15 patterns (.pat) for comfortable use and 15 simple (.jpeg) files in case if you don’t have Photoshop installed on your PC. Use them to create some awsome backgrounds:) Don’t forget to see screenshots. It will give you the full impression of presented quality. Good luck:) Contents and Features: 15 Foil Seamless Patterns (.p

Textured Glass Tileable HD Patterns (vol 1)

Textured Glass Tileable HD Patterns (vol 1), 15 Seamless Textured Glass Patterns Description: At last, splendid Photorealistic Textured Glass Set was released! Realistic lights and tint, shiny splendid texture and high aesthetic quality are combined in this pack. It is a best choice for your design:) Textured Glass Pack contains 1 (.psd) file with 15 patterns if you want just to copy the styles, 15 patterns (.pat) for comfortable use and 15 simple (.jpeg) files in case if you don’t have Photoshop installed on your PC. Use them to create some awsome backgrounds:) Don’t forget to see screenshots. It will give you the full impression of presented quality. Good luck:) Contents and Features: 15 Textured Glass Seamless Patterns (.pat) 15 1024×1024 images (.jpeg) 1 PSD file with 15 Patte

Xmas Patterns Pack 1

Xmas Patterns Pack 1, This is a collection of 6 xmas patterns. A pattern is a style you can apply to content. It’s usually a small image that can be tiled seamlessly to create a pattern. —————————-—— How to install patterns in Photoshop See video tutorial: http://www.vimeo.com/16768587 Please dont forget to rate the file. Good luck in your projects! Enjoy,

23 Light / Dark Web Patterns

23 Light / Dark Web Patterns, What’s Included 1 .pat 23 72dpi .jpg one HTML preview page.

Infinity Transparent Patterns 2

Infinity Transparent Patterns 2, Applied to different background colors and you can apply any effect to the pattern from (normal, darken, multiply, etc…), also apply the transparency degree you want, and you can change the pattern to any color you want to get fantastic background or make background color and apply the pattern on it. The file includes 3000×2000 PSD file that contains the different background colors with the patterns. Also includes a pattern file that contains 3 transparent patterns. You can apply that pattern with any effect to make it lighten or darken, also you can change the pattern color because it is transparent. Hope you like it and wait for the next pattern group.

Automated Texture Creator

Automated Texture Creator, This package will allow you to create your unique textures using some old or any textures you can download from internet. Once you understand how things work you will be able to generate up to 50 unique textures in a couple of minutes. Everything is automated and process is very easy to understand. I guess that most of you are familiar with Photoshop actions which are included in package and you an use them to quick generate your own unique textures. Anyway I strongly recommend you to try option with Variables and Data Sets which gives you much more power and flexibility. It is not difficult to get started using Variables, please visit this link http://youtu.be/ZyZ7cENsChE for video tutorial but also look in Help files for written step by s

Christmas Patterns

Christmas Patterns, The package contains Christmas patterns in traditional Christmas colors, perfect for web and print design, showing concepts of winter season, Xmas and holiday promotions. Color scheme is made to be useful for different purposes. – 16 JPG patterns 500 x 500 pixels / 72ppi – 1 PAT file with 16 patterns – Help files You can use this package in your own design, in web sites, backgrounds, textures, posters, flyers, cards, booklets, brochures, artworks, blogs, any kind of presentations & promotions, screensaver, wallpapers. I’d really appreciate it if you could rate my file. Feel free to contact me through my profile page if you have any questions, feedback, or need assistance. Check out my BEST items

Hexagon Seamless Tileable Pattern Vol.2

Hexagon Seamless Tileable Pattern Vol.2, Product DescriptionHexagon Photoshop Pattern Vol.2The pack include:     1 .pat file with 15 high resolution 1024×1024 pix seamless/tileable pattern      1 Read Me file     JPG files included     Tutorial includedThanks for your support and If you have a moment, please rate this item,I’ll appreciate it very much!

Polygon Seamless Loop Photoshop Patterns

Polygon Seamless Loop Photoshop Patterns, 7 Polygon Seamless Loop Photoshop Patterns (1 .pat file) || 2000×2000px

Pattern Generator – Creating Patterns in Photoshop

Pattern Generator – Creating Patterns in Photoshop, Video tutorial Pattern Generator Simple creating patterns in Photoshop Features 3 Full Layered PSD Files Pattern with 4 elements Pattern with 3 elements Pattern with 2 elements 1980×1980px @ 300dpi Well Organized Layers Smart Object Changeable Color Background PDF Help File PRODUCT DOES NOT CONTAIN PRESENTED GRAPHIC DESIGN Support If you have some question write a comment and you receive an answer in 48 hours in working days

Subtle Patterns Pack V1

Subtle Patterns Pack V1, 15 subtle dark and light background patterns 15 Backgrounds | JPG files | 2600×1900px | 72dpi .PAT file with 15 tileable seamless photoshop patterns Help.txt Don´t forget to rate! Thanx