Flyer Photoshop Layer Styles / Metal CYMK

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Flyer Photoshop Layer Styles / Metal CYMK

Flyer Photoshop Layer Styles / Metal CYMK,

3D Text Mockup

3D Text Mockup, Clean 3D Text Mockup 04 x PSD Files 2200×1500 px resolution Very easy to edit well layered and organized in groups SMART OBJECT REPLACEMENT You may like

Tasty Food Styles

Tasty Food Styles, Food Photoshop Styles Food – Photoshop layer styles are the best for your titles, buttons, shapes, etc. Styles are usable for any Text as well as on Shapes or Buttons. Food Photoshop Styles – Features All styles are made of 1 layer only Applicable with just one click Unique look and clean design Can be used anywhere ASL and PSD files included If You like these, check also Part 2 of Tasty Styles: Applying Styles – Quick and Easy To start using these styles just double click the file food-styles.asl. Now look at the Style Palette in Photoshop and You should see there 8 new unique styles. To Apply the Style just select your text or shape and simply click on the Style to apply it. If you don’t have interest about inst

Vintage Chrome Styles

Vintage Chrome Styles, 3 Vintage chrome layer styles in 5 colors (15 variations total). Great for text, shape layers, and buttons!! Includes: .asl file with all 15 styles .psd file with all 15 styles for easy copy and paste. Fonts: Suave Script & Arial

1 Pixel Menu Styles

1 Pixel Menu Styles, Save time designing menu bars or buttons with these 12 Photoshop layer styles which give your text or shapes a letterpressed or embossed look with a single click. Works perfectly on text as small as 12 pixels high. There are 6 letterpressed styles and 6 embossed styles with light sources from the top or top-left. Mix up the styles and change the colour of the text or background to create different effects such as the examples above. Pack includes a read me file with how to install and edit, a .asl style file, a layered .psd file of the preview above. Cheers, Axle

Sand Photoshop Styles

Sand Photoshop Styles, Give some Sand to your flyers, banners, poster, presentations, brochures, etc. Includes 2 Photoshop Styles .asl and .psd files All Styles are usable for Text as well as for drawings. Easy to import styles into Photoshop. Just double click downloaded file sand_styles.asl and look at the Style Palette in Photoshop. Now You should have there 2 New Sand Styles. If you want the same effect as it is shown in the .PSD file and don’t have interest about install the complete pack into your Photoshop, just drag and drop one of the text to your Design and edit it. The free fonts used in the Preview: KittySpoon Download here A little Pot Download here Julia font Download here The package contains: sand_styles.asl – Photoshop

11 Engraved Text Styles

11 Engraved Text Styles, This styles simulate 11 “Engraved” text effects. You can applied on some main title. How to change text? You can see Text layer with applied layer style. Replace text with your text and that’s it. In main files you can find Engraved.asl file. This file is style file which you can load in Photoshop separately thru Window/Styles/Load Styles navigate to your folder and Engraved style appear in your style menu. Font: Impact Thank you! Please see some of my collection…

Elegant Text & Style

Elegant Text & Style, 9 Layer Styles & 4 Elegant Text effects created by using them in combination. Elegant Black Text & Style File Includes Elegant Black Text & Style PSD File Elegant Black Text & Style ASL File Editable Layers Font Lobster If you have some questions, please contact me through my profile page Thank you.

20 Pro Web 2.0 Text Styles

20 Pro Web 2.0 Text Styles, 20 Professional Web 2.0 Text Styles, perfect for creating a modern, stylish web 2.0 logo or any kind of impact text. The style effects look best when used on text but can be used on buttons too! The package contains the following layer styles: Blue Horizon, Crimson Tide, Oxygen Unlimited, Black Panther, Sand Storm 1, Maximum Impact, Green Paradise 1, Black Specter, Green Paradise 2, Sandstorm 2, Night Wraith, Water World, Sand Storm 3, Sybill Prophecy, Augusta Naturalis, Sweet Dreams, Candy Fantasy, Perseus Fire, Phoshporus Glow & Hydra The styles are found in the ASL style file and in the PSD file which shows on text how each style looks like. Enjoy!

Glass Effect Photoshop Styles

Glass Effect Photoshop Styles, Detailed glass effect layer style collection. This set contains 4 different layer styles in a .psd file and an .asl file, as well as a .jpg for reference. These styles have got some very subtle shading and highlighting which make them really stand out. They can be used on text or any other shapes in Photoshop. Easy to apply and edit – all done on one layer. A read me file with editing instructions is also included. The styles have been created so that they work well at high res for print and can also be scaled down to work for web headlines. Works best on bold fonts but as you can see in the preview they can have a great effect on fancy fonts too. They are not suitable for small or very thin fonts or objects. These style

Chrome Layer Styles

Chrome Layer Styles, In file you can find 10 chrome text layer styles, all text layers and layer styles are editable. The Psd-file are 800×1674px Fonts used in file: Chrome – Elephant; Chrome II – Lusida Sans Unicode; Classic – Copperplate Gothic Bold; Style – Cricket; Psd. – a_Assuan; Logo – a_Stamper; Text – Lucida Bright; Effect – Gamecuben; Metal – Gloucester MT Extra Condensed; Silver – a_CampusGrav.

8 Movie Titles PSD Templates

8 Movie Titles PSD Templates, “8 Movie Titles PSD templates” >>>8 Photoshop Styles Includes are : 8 PSD files >>>The FX work using 2 layer styles . So all you have to do is to change the text using the text tool . The layers are named with the Name+(Bottom/main or top). Some Stuff you may need Photoshop Layer Styles Decorative Light FX Business Cards 3D Renders Web Elements My Social Networks

Love and Romance Text Styles

Love and Romance Text Styles, 15 high quality love and romance styles, perfect for Valentine’s Day. All layers in the photoshop file are organised into folders, named and fully editable. All free fonts or standard installation fonts used, links to download in included in the file. File includes the following: Photoshop file for the above image .ASL file including all 8 font styles ReadMe file including links to all free fonts used and installation instructions for the .ASL file Styles: Classic Cheesy Love, Bubbley Candy Love, Elegant Love, Typical Valentine’s Day Style, Chalk Board Graffiti, Sparkling Glizty Style, Premium Traditional Sentiment and Glossy Teenage Secret Admirer! There are also 7 bonus font styles to mark each of the major key

50 Metal Text Effects 4 of 5

50 Metal Text Effects 4 of 5, 50 METAL TEXT EFFECTS Pack 1 of 5 The pack include: 1 PSD file with 10 styles 1 ASL file with 10 styles (just one layer by style!) 1 TXT file with complete fonts list GET THE FOURTH 10 TEXT EFFECTS!!! This style pack are the fourth part of 5. When you purchase this pack obtain the fourth 10 Text Effects. – INSTRUCTIONS: To add the style pack, make double click in the .ASL file and go to the “styles palette” in Photoshop. – RECOMMENDATION: If you want the same effect shown in the .PSD file and don’t have interest about install the complete pack into your Photoshop, just drag and drop the chosen text to your own design and edit them! VERY EASY! The Complete Collection 50 Metal Text Effects 1 of 5 50 Metal Text Effects 2 of

The Photoshop Pyrography Pack

The Photoshop Pyrography Pack, Emulate the look of burnt wood or paper without the risk of setting your house on fire, with the Photoshop Pyrography Pack! These layer styles will allow you to quickly change the look of objects with just one click! They work with text, bitmap images and vector shapes. To use: Install the styles, select an object and click an icon from the styles tab. It’s that easy! Whats’s included: ASL file containing 17 pyrography styles. Demo PSD file – showing all of the files in action. The two wooden backgrounds that are used in the preview (details of sizes below). Instructions. The watercolour paper texture used in the background of the preview is a FREE file which is available here –

Urban Graffiti Styles – Bundle

Urban Graffiti Styles – Bundle, This item is not in Envato Elements (subscription). This is the only place you can buy it! Graffiti styles, urban graffiti text effects bundle This urban graffiti styles bundle include 2 packs of realistic graffiti text effects and 1 pack of 3D urban graffiti text effects. All styles are just one click applicable photoshop text effects. Graffiti styles and urban graffiti text effects packs Urban Graffiti Text Effects Urban Graffiti Text Effects 2 Urban Styles – Street and Graffiti Realistic Graffiti Styles – Bundle 34 HQ layer styles Photoshop PSD Photoshop ASL Help.txt Fonts: STREET WRITER MAELSTROM SoupLeaf

Professional Silver Style Pack #1

Professional Silver Style Pack #1, Professional Silver Style Pack #1 You can use it in all your works. Collection of 5 Photoshop Silver Styles to enchance your text, also buttons or others.. Fonts (not needed) – Any font will work with these styles too. We used Myriad Pro – Bold (example) Need any help ? Just contact me on my homepage on Graphic River and ill do my best to answer any questions. Total Package: 36,00Mb | R# Version 1.0 / Include • 6 Files • Directory PSD (1 PSD High Resolution File 1600×3000px) • Directory JPG (3 JPG Images) • Directory ASL (1 ASL File) • 1 PDF File (include instructions) Check other works: Professional Business Cards Series #1: Professional Buttons Series #1:

Golden Effects

Golden Effects, Golden Effects 10 Unique Text Effects White and Black Backgrounds 20 Layered PSDs 20000×1500 pixels 300dpi Text works with smart object layer Help file and Free font link attached For your – Gold Text, gold foil, effects, gold print, hot foil, tenplates Please Rate It!

Honey Photoshop Styles

Honey Photoshop Styles, Give some Honey to your flyers, banners, poster, presentations, brochures, etc. Includes 5 Photoshop Styles .asl and .psd files + 1 BONUS STYLE All Styles are usable for Text, Buttons and other Shapes as well. Easy to import styles into Photoshop. Just double click downloaded file Honey.asl and look at the Style Palette in Photoshop. Now You should have there 5 New Honey Styles and 1 bonus style. If you want the same effect as it is shown in the .PSD file and don’t have interest about install the complete pack into your Photoshop, just drag and drop one of the text to your Design and edit it. The free fonts used in the Preview: Boris Black Bloxx Download here Cupertino normal Download here Singer Mears Download here The

Glass Pack – Text Styles

Glass Pack – Text Styles, 16 Glass Text Styles for Photoshop High quality effects to pimp your boring text with glasslike, transparent, glossy text styles. Easy to use! What’s in the file? .psd file with effects used as seen in the image preview .asl file (text styles file) Readme.pdf file for instructions on installing, scaling and what free fonts are used, etc. Sidenote Only the text styles are usable. All other effects used in the preview are for presentation purposes only. Furthermore, the fonts you choose to use with the styles are up to you but for most effective effects I recommend using the fonts I used or similar ones. Details such as fonts (+ links to where you can download them) and how to scale them are also included in the read me. They are s

Horror and Halloween Styles Bundle

Horror and Halloween Styles Bundle, Horror and halloween text effects bundle This horror styles bundle include 3 horror, halloween and thriller photoshop text effects packs. 26 horror and halloween layer styles. This item is not in Envato Elements (subscription). This is the only place you can buy it! Halloween, horror and thriller text styles bundle – include items Horror and Gothic Text Effects – Fear of Darkness Horror and Thriller Text Effects Halloween Text Effects – Cartoon Horror Styles Halloween and horror layer styles, text effects 26 HQ photoshop styles just one click applicable Halloween text effects, horror styles – each item include Photoshop PSD Photoshop ASL Help.txt Enjoy & have fun! Ratings are welcome

Vintage Text Effects Vol.5

Vintage Text Effects Vol.5, Vintage Text Effects Vol.5 This set was inspired by real actual vintage signs! I also works with logos or other graphics! If you don’t want the 3D part to show just go to the Text Effect folder and make the 3D folder invisible. Very easy to use. Replace the text in seconds via smart object layers. Works with text, vector shapes or logos. You can find more info on how it works in the help file included. Editable text. All fonts used are free. The links for the fonts are in the Help file located in the main download. Features: 10 PSD Files 2000×1500px 300dpi RGB Fully Editable Well organised Smart object layers Help file For any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Cartoon and Comic Book Photoshop Styles

Cartoon and Comic Book Photoshop Styles, ✔️⚜️✨ [★★★★★] BEST SELLER: COMIC BOOK MAKER The Cartoon and Comic Book Style by psdddude – this set contains 6 layerd PSD files with styles intact that will allow you to create 3D comics cartoon style effects with long shadow out of any text and/or vector shape. The PSD files contain easy to edit smart objects with all the layers intact so that you can customize the 3D effect, all the colors, shadow length and all the other elements.

20 Amazing Photoshop Text Styles &Text Effects

20 Amazing Photoshop Text Styles &Text Effects, The ultimate Mega Photoshop text styles and effects pack. 20 unique and original layer styles for Photoshop 8 CS & Higher This pack is made specially for web and screen graphics usage resolution is 72 dpi the default Photoshop web resolution . Styles List : 1- Blue Candy 2- Wet Gel 3- Deep Ocean 4-Metal Bar 5- on Fire 6- Neon Wire 7- Candy Love 8- Lighty 9- Colors Shop 10 -The Zoo 11 -Grungy 12- Hot Chocolate 13- Yellow Metal 14- Autumn Time 15- Space Camp 16- Soft Glass 17- Going Green 18- Mr.Wood 19- in the pool 20- Artistico Hope you like it and use it many times like i do in my web designs.

8 Photoshop Styles 2 of 4

8 Photoshop Styles 2 of 4, INSTRUCTIONS: To add the style pack, make double click in the 8-PREMIUM-Photoshop-Styles-2of4.asl file and go to the “styles palette” in Photoshop. To apply the styles, just select the layer or text to use and make click one of the 16 styles on the “styles palette” NOTE: These styles don’t need multiple layers to work, they work individually. To Use a Rollover Effects, Just duplicate the layer in question and apply the “rollover style” you wish, for example “Green Hills Rollover”. Font names and links to free download or buy inside the pack! BUNDLES

6 colors web 2.0 photoshop text styles

6 colors web 2.0 photoshop text styles, 6 colors Photoshop web 2.0 text styles Modern Stylish web 2.0 Photoshop text styles ,fresh colors , glossy text effect for your next web 2.0 logo . File Include: 1 Photoshop .asl style file. 1 psd demo. Help pdf file. Web 2.0 Elements Business Cards

Web Boxes Styles

Web Boxes Styles, This is a set of 8 styles for web boxes. To apply it simply copy and paste. Wooden texture is included.

Fun & Fresh Photoshop Titles

Fun & Fresh Photoshop Titles, “Fun & Fresh Titles” 08 Photoshop Styles to add a cool fresh comic feel to your designs. Use it for your Products Packaging , Posters , Titles , Labels and so much more. Very Clean and recognizable effects . Enjoy

4 Sweet text Styles

4 Sweet text Styles, 4 text styles and color variations Psd + Asl files Editable and re-sizable text layer Better results with bold fonts Fonts used: Harlow Solid Bold : Cooper Black Bold : Kalinga Bold :

Dark Deluxe Collection – Photoshop Graphic Styles

Dark Deluxe Collection – Photoshop Graphic Styles, 33 different photoshop graphic styles. All styles saved for a documents in 72dpi – RGB. Main archive includes: 1. 1 PSD file (72dpi RGB) – with examples of text for 33 different styles on dark background. 2. 1 ASL files – with 33 styles. They are all fully editable. 3. 1 PAT file – includes 17 patterns. ( 7 from photoshop patterns library) 4. Help (html) for loading fonts, patterns and styles. Used one free font ‘Fast Brush Script Font’ – old KickStarter version. Now you can find this free Google font as ‘Kaushan Script’ at For more detailes see help file. Enjoy! See my Web Elements: See my Photoshop Actions: See my Photoshop Text Styles: