3D Premium Text Styles

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3D Premium Text Styles

3D Premium Text Styles,

6 Retro Labels Styles

6 Retro Labels Styles, Download File Include: PSD Photoshop File With All The Styles Applied to Text and Labels Photoshop .ASL File With 6 Styles Font Used: Old Letterpress Type Link Fonts : http://www.dafont.com/old-letterpress-type.font

Game Styles

Game Styles, Game Styles– One layer styles for Photoshop. Great for text and shapes. EASY TO USE! INCLUDES : • .asl file with 6 styles. • Layered PSD file with editable text • Instructions on how to install styles FONT USED : Aircruiser Italic (link provided with download)

50 Creative Text Effects Bundle

50 Creative Text Effects Bundle, 50 Creative Text Effects Bundle This is a premium Adobe Photoshop layer styles. In this set includes source PSD, ASL & Help! file. All layer style has been composed & easy to use. 100% scalable, just one click to apply. Easy to use Fully editable 100% Scalable 50 Different styles High resolution 300 DPI Work with any font & shapes No skill requir

Modern Text Styles

Modern Text Styles, 10 new modern text effects,zip file include : 1.psd file with all the styles applied to text 2.asl file with 10 ready to use styles 3.psd Led HQ editable [Bonus] 4.20 new lens flare HQ 2000×2000 [Bonus] 5.txt file with link to the used font

Lakose 3D Text Styles Part 32

Lakose 3D Text Styles Part 32, Pack includes: ASL File (10 Styles). All styles are easy to edit. RTF Help FilePSD FileLight effects in the PSD. – Check more items http://graphicriver.net/user/Xemrind/portfolio Don’t forget to drop me a message If you have a problem.

Bumper Batch of Text Effects

Bumper Batch of Text Effects, File Description: The file features 20 premium text effects, offering a wide range of uses, re-usability and some totally unique unseen styles! File Contents: Fully editable, named & organised master & stacked .psd files.A photoshop .asl file featuring 20 premium styles.Demo folder – containing brief instructions on editing the file, installing the .asl file and documentation including links to the fonts used. Styles: The 20 styles included are named after their appearance, they are: Candy, Jelly, Circles, Golden, Fluidity, Polkadot, Honey, Grunge, Disco, Space, Glassy, Glowing, Diamond, Plastic, Jammie, Metallic, Grassy, Neon, Bovine & Tinted. Fonts: Sweet as Candy, Arista 2.0 Alternate, Boris Black Blox

11 Misc Holidays Layer Styles

11 Misc Holidays Layer Styles, 11 amazing holidays layer styles that are easy to use, scale, and edit. The .zip file includes: – An .asl file containing all 11 layer styles. – A .psd file with all 11 styles applied to text. – The preview image – An HTML help file with screenshots. – A “readme” file that includes the fonts used and download links.

120 Nature Styles

120 Nature Styles, “120 Amazing Nature Styles”. These are premium Adobe Photoshop layer styles. Just click to apply.this style from nature and building pattern. make your text more life.. there is three size for this style : Large, Medium and small. So this style suitable for any pixel dimension.

19 PallPen Styles

19 PallPen Styles, 19 PallPen Style effects created by using them in combination. INCLUDES : .asl file .txt Help file How to install styles in photoshop: http://gamergirl.hubpages.com/hub/Installing-Photoshop-Styles I need your support Please Follow Please don’t forget to rate if you like it! Thank you   Photoshop Styles Backgrounds and Textures Seamles Textures My Logo Game TileSets (ball pen ) Decorative Brushes Packs Icon Packs Valentine’s Brushes Packs

Lakose 3D Text Styles Part 4

Lakose 3D Text Styles Part 4, Pack includes: ASL File (10 Styles). All styles are easy to edit. RTF Help FilePSD FileLight effects in the PSD. – Check more items http://graphicriver.net/user/Lakose/portfolio Don’t forget to drop me a message If you have a problem, you didn’t understand something or need an Enquiry. lakose@hotmail.com www.graphicriver.com/user/lakose

Cinematic Layer Styles Bundle

Cinematic Layer Styles Bundle, The Cinematic Layer Styles – Part 4 Save money and time with this great bundle of 20 cinematic layer styles for photoshop. Create real professional 3D titles for flyers, posters, album covers and more without any skill! PSD, ASL and Help File included! Items in this bundle: Part 1: http://graphicriver.net/item/5-cinematic-layer-styles/2953437 Part 2: http://graphicriver.net/item/5-cinematic-layer-styles-part-2/3776604 Part 3: http://graphicriver.net/item/5-cinematic-layer-styles-part-3/6545813 Part 4: http://graphicriver.net/item/cinematic-layer-styles-part-4/8531711 What’s in the download? 20 professional and unique layer styles 4 quality PSD files 4 ASL files Easy to use PSD’s, creat cool effects without any skill! Help

Sci-fi Game Styles – Collection 6

Sci-fi Game Styles – Collection 6, Sci-fi action game text effects collection 6 Action scifi and space game style text effects for photoshop. 10 unique scifi style layer styles. Just one click applicable action futuristic game text effects. Space and scifi text effects – action game styles 10 HQ photoshop styles just one click applicable 72dpi | 300dpi optimized Action game styles – cyber future text effects – include Photoshop PSD Photoshop ASL (2x) Help.txt Fonts: Avengeance Heroic Avenger http://www.dafont.com/avengeance.font Enjoy & have fun! Ratings are welcome

37 Retro & Vintage Style Bundle

37 Retro & Vintage Style Bundle, This Package edition is use for big or small text or shape, ornament or even a logo. 37 high quality effects inspiring styles. They’re so easy to use! Comes with smart object fully editable. 37 Retro Vintage Text Style 37 Psd files High resolution Organized Layers Friendly Read me file include font link address Smart Object Replacement Comes with Lightning effects and lens flare Individual Link 1. 10 Retro Vintage Text Styles Vol.1 2. 10 Retro Vintage Text Styles Vol.2 3. 7 Novva 3D Text Style 4.

Carved Rocks Photoshop Layer Styles

Carved Rocks Photoshop Layer Styles, Carved Rocks Photoshop Layer Styles are sold exclusively on graphicriver and can be used for variety of design projects, including Posters, Flyers, 3D Applications etc. The download includes 1 PSD file with 6 High Resolution Text Styles and an ASL file for easy loading and one click editing. light flares and effects are are only for display purposes Included in this Download 1 ASL File 1 Photoshop File Help File Font Link

24 Photoshop Styles – Wooden

24 Photoshop Styles – Wooden, Photoshop styles. You can apply the same styles to any of you own fonts or objects. Available for Psh CS+. Styles initially designed for 96 pt font size.

Glossy Wood 3D Style

Glossy Wood 3D Style, Glossy Wood 3D Style. Smart-object, it is easy to change in just one click =) FILES INCLUDED: – 8 PSD file. – 8 ASL file. – Readme file. Font used: – Boris Black Bloxx.font Ready! Enjoy it! =) – Sanetanita Feel free to a look at my other items too. =)

Halloween Styles

Halloween Styles, Total 12 halloween styles. They are ALL ONE CLICK STYLES ! In the file… – .ASL file ! – a .PSD file. – Flares included. – One click styles. – PNG’s are included.

10 Text Effects Vol. 13

10 Text Effects Vol. 13, Set of high-quality Photoshop styles from Poltava Design. Styles are created using highly detailed textures. For use in print and web projects. All elements of style are adjustable and scalable. The set combines styles of different directions – both realistic “metal” samples, and fantasy fairy-tale styles. Information about fonts information is provided in the Fonts file. Flares includes. Also includes example PSD file what these styles can do. The set includes 2 PSD, 1 ASL files, 1 help file. Thanks for purchasing! Photoshop Bundles: More Photoshop Items: Illustrator Bundles: More Illustrator Items:

10 Space Text Styles

10 Space Text Styles, 10 Space Text Styles Pack includes: 10 Space Text Styles Double layer design 300pi Two ASL File

17 Snake Skin Styles

17 Snake Skin Styles, ASL, PSD, Read me 17 snake skin styles Used Seamless Pattern Editable and costumize Works CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC

Chopper Text Styles

Chopper Text Styles, 10 Text inspired style motorcycle,perfect for all shapes and fonts. Zip File Include:Psd main document_Asl File with all styles ready to use_Txt file with link to the used font

12 Realistic Metallic Text Effect Styles GO.2

12 Realistic Metallic Text Effect Styles GO.2, 12 Realistic Metallic Text Effect Styles GO.2 “12 Realistic Metallic Text Effect Styles GO.2”. This is a premium Adobe Photoshop layer styles. In this set includes source .PSD, .ASL & ReadMe! file. All layer style has been composed & easy to use. 100% scalable, Just one click to apply. Easy To Use Work With Any Font & Shapes Fully Editable High Resolution / 300 DPI 100% Scalable One Click File Included 1.PSD

Concrete Text Style

Concrete Text Style, 4000×2667px 72dpi RGB 10 PSD files Photoshop ASL included HelbaConDB Normal: fontsgeek.com/fonts/HelbaConDB-Normal Info file included I have created a set of 10 Photoshop Text Styles called Concrete effects for your Photoshop texts. These can help you save a lot of time while creating similar text effects. Each style can be used for different text sizes — all you have to do is to scale up or scale down the text effects. Apply the style to your text and right-click on the blending option of the text layer and select “Scale Effects”. A pop-up window opens up which helps you increase or decrease the effects. Pretty simple and easy.

Fantasy Styles Bundle – Magic Fantasy Collection

Fantasy Styles Bundle – Magic Fantasy Collection, Fantasy styles bundle – magic fantasy text effects Fantasy and medieval photoshop layer styles bundle. This bundle include 6 unique fantasy and medieval packs of photoshop text effects – layer styles. 60 unique fantasy text styles in total. All magic fantasy styles are just one click applicable, one layer styles. Fantasy styles bundle – magic fantasy collection include packs Fantasy Styles – Magic Fantasy http://graphicriver.net/item/fantasy-styles-magic-fantasy/6501076 Fantasy Styles – Magic Fantasy 2 http://graphicriver.net/item/fantasy-styles-magic-fantasy-2/7713190 Fantasy Game Styles – Epic Medieval http://graphicriver.net/item/fantasy-game-styles-epic-medieval/8010523 Fantasy Styles – Age of Dragons http://gr

Realistic 3D Extrude Effect

Realistic 3D Extrude Effect, Stunning 3D Extrude Effect with Realistic Shadows This item includes set of 9 PSD Extrude Photoshop styles which makes the object raised up from the background. There are 2 different direction shadows and 1 general shadow which makes the object like under 2 different light source. And also light reflections make the style more realistic. All layers are organized perfectly in the files.  You should just drop your text or shape into the smart object layer which is writing on its name. When you change the smart object and save it then everything changes automatically and creates the style according to your own text or shape. Font I used is Jestho-FisherFree Download at here:https://www.dafont.com/jestho-fisher.font

Retro Vintage Photoshop Layer Styles vol.2

Retro Vintage Photoshop Layer Styles vol.2, This is a pack of Retro & Vintage Photoshop Layer Styles Works great for texts and shapes! All styles are one layer one click, layer styles, photoshop styles, text effects, retro, vintage, lights, game, 3D Instructions: To apply the styles, select the text or shape or layer and click one of the styles from Styles menu. Use Image Size Command with Scale Styles checked or use Scale Effects command from Menu Layer->Layer Styles The pack contains: Read me file .asl file .psd file Fonts used: Links in Readme file. Enjoy!

10 Nuclear Text Styles

10 Nuclear Text Styles, 10 Army Text Styles Ten different toxic waste inspired text effects for Photoshop. All the designs were made to be scaled to any size and you can also stack multiple layers for an added depth effect. Each nuclear style is made up of a single layer. The font and installation information can be found in the documents folder in the download. Other files included: The PSD seen in the item demo and a single ASL. Pack includes: Styles: Missle, Meltdown, Toxicwaste, Warfare, Bomber, Powerplant, Nuclear, Carrier, Reactor, Radiation 10 Nuclear Text Styles Single layer design (Multi layer for depth) 300pi ASL File

Valentine Styles Pack

Valentine Styles Pack, Valentine Styles Pack 9 Valentine Styles to add valentine’s effects to your texts. INSTRUCTIONS:The FX work using 1 layer styles. Just create a new document add text and apply layer style. Except for 2 styles which required 2 layer styles. All these styles are 100% scalable. Please don´t forget to rate and do follow please!

10 Princess Text Styles

10 Princess Text Styles, 10 Princess styles 10 Princess styles for Photoshop. Pack includes: 10 Princess Text Styles Single Layer Design 72 and 300Pi versions included. Two ASL Files Information File