Creative Artistic Ink Brush Strokes

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Creative Artistic Ink Brush Strokes

Creative Artistic Ink Brush Strokes,

Baroque Letter Brush Set

Baroque Letter Brush Set, – 26 high resolution ornamental initial caps by “Muro Poggi – Alphabeto di Lettere Intiale – 1730-1750” – elegant letter with floral, animal and fairy tale decorations – easy positioning with markers in all corners and vertical, horizontal center – use for fine art, book illustrations, inviting cards, wine and menu cards or what ever You imagine – layered psd with all letters 2500*2500 300 dpi [35.7 Mb] – Photoshop brush file (abr) [29.9 Mb] – help.pdf in english and german [4.25 Mb]

Clouds Brushes 1.0

Clouds Brushes 1.0, 12 High resolution clouds brushes with shapes and forms and with fine details. Files Included 1 ABR file Help PDF file More Brushes Collections

Six Realistic Flowing Bubble Brushes

Six Realistic Flowing Bubble Brushes, This is a set of Six Realistic Flowing Bubble Brushes, great for use in images with water or to add that some something special to an image, all brushes are hand drawn so they are truly a one of a kind brushes. The brushes will work with any version of Photoshop after CS2. THe use of a graphics tablet will produce the best results as you can vary the pressure you use, but the brushes also work well with a mouse.

Decoration Brushes

Decoration Brushes, 30 high quality decoration elements for Photoshop. Brushes size: 1000-2500px Included instruction how to install brushes.

90 Low-Poly / Polygonal / Geometrical Photoshop Brushes Bundle

90 Low-Poly / Polygonal / Geometrical Photoshop Brushes Bundle, 90 high resolution brushes (resolution up to 2500px) for Adobe Photoshop with low-poly / polygonal / geometrical shapes. Play with ease using triangular / polygon brushes in your graphic / print / web project! Check out more Low-poly / Polygonal Photoshop brushes: These brushes are compatible with old Photoshop 7, all CS versions (CS – CS6) and newest CC. You can reach realistic effects using different Blending Modes in Photoshop. Great for making: abstract, artistic photo / image templates or frames, t-shirt designs, modern abstract website templates, skateboard decks, posters, business cards, brochures. Useful for a clothes (tshirt etc.) design, club & disco posters. You can reach beautiful effects cre

Oil Brushes

Oil Brushes, RW Gorgeous Oil™ for PHOTOSHOP Although that in previous products we have focused on art effects brushes, we decided to complement our product line with art painting brushes. This is the new generation (Version 4.0) of our digital emulated natural tools for Photoshop CS3+. Although the setting of brushes in Photoshop almost had no changes since CS3 version we have put all our efforts to create this very nice tool. In this pack you will get artistic oil brushes emulation for a nice oil-style painting. Compact and well-combined set will give you the opportunity to try your hand with oil painting right now using just a stylus. Rich wide-range dynamics, different types of brushes (bristle, soft, highlight) also supplemented by special

Brush Stroke. Brushes for Photoshop

Brush Stroke. Brushes for Photoshop, Here is a collection of 25, High quality paint brush strokes. Scanned from real brush stokes, using a tough bristled, wide brushes. To install just click the .abr file.

Divider Brush Set

Divider Brush Set, Features: 14 Divider brushes 14 .png files 1 .abr file Help file for easy use

50 High Res Smoke Brushes

50 High Res Smoke Brushes, 50 Very big smoke brushes. They can be very handy when you need a quick solution to adding effects to your image. Experiment with blend modes and colors to achieve very nice results.

Futuristic Interface – Ten Brushes

Futuristic Interface – Ten Brushes, This set contains 10 high-Res Futuristic Brushes in single ABR file and transparency PNG files.

Motion Picture Flame-Smoke Series

Motion Picture Flame-Smoke Series, Similar items: Motion Picture Explosive Series Motion Picture Explosive Series 2 PACKAGE DETAILS: Package name: Motion Picture Flame-Smoke Series Software version: Photoshop CS5 Copyright: June 1, 2012 Author: Charles Brown Items included: – ABR file – PSD file – ATN file – ACO file EXTRAORDINARY FLAME AND SMOKE EFFECTS ITEM FEATURE: 20 HI-RES BRUSHES (ABR FILES) 20 HI-RES READY-TO-USE PSD FILES PROFESSIONAL FIRE EFFECT GENERATOR ‘Motion Picture FX (Flame-Smoke) Series’ bundle contains high resolution and incredible flames and smokes “abr” files and ready-to-use “psd” files. This is your opportunity to add more realistic action and enrich your posters, DVD covers, flyers, templates, and so m

50 Torn Paper Brushes + 8 Textures

50 Torn Paper Brushes + 8 Textures, 50 Hi-res Torn Paper Photoshop Brushes + 8 Subtle Grunge Paper Textures (Hi-res 3000×4500 pix 300 dpi) Adobe Photoshop *abr file included and also layered (all 50 brushes in layers – no need to instal *abr file) photoshop *psd file. Also we have some new freebies to download, so please take a look: For any help regarding this file, please feel free to contact me through my profile page and I’ll be glad to offer support. Thank you!

Night Sky Stars – 63 Brushes

Night Sky Stars – 63 Brushes, Night Sky Stars – 63 Brushes 40 – 2500 pixels How to install brushes (.abr files) : 1. Put the .abr file you’ve downloaded into the folder /Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS3/Presets/Brushes (on mac OS X) or C:Program FilesAdobePhotoshopPresetsBrushes (on Windows) . 2. Then open your Adobe Photoshop, active brush tool, go to option palette and click on to open the brush preset picker.

33 Smeared Hand & Foot PS Brushes + 10 Bonus Brush

33 Smeared Hand & Foot PS Brushes + 10 Bonus Brush, Contains 33 high resolution smeary hand & foot brushes for Photoshop. Use these brushes to quickly build up detailed messy smear effects in your work. Great for bloody horror or crime scene related projects! They are also great for simulating mud, oil, paint, etc… Also included in this pack are 10 Free Bonus Splatter Brushes!! These brushes are great when combined with the smeared hand & foot brushes or when used all by themselevs to allow you to create highly detailed messy spatter effects. There are 2 .abr files included as well as text instructions. Happy smearing / spattering!

Digital Network Flow of Waves Photoshop Brushes

Digital Network Flow of Waves Photoshop Brushes, 10 Professional Abstract Waves Brushes for Adobe Photoshop The archive consists of 10 high resolution PS Brushes. It’s top-notch quality brushes in tech futuristic style which depict a digital network of wavy flow. Any abstract art fan will appreciate these grid waves motion images, which can be helpful in digital art and web design, making it exquisite and out of the box. Generative graphics contour waves come in 1 ABR file compatible with Adobe Photoshop, plus 10 transparent PNG files that can be used as textures. They’re easy to install and use, might be useful for the majority of digital art projects. With the help of this convenient tool, you can create high quality visual effects effortlessly and in no time even without any special

Plexus & Network Brushes

Plexus & Network Brushes, 2 Photoshop Brushes (abr) || Compatible with Photoshop 7 & newer versions 20 Transparent Images (png) || 5000×4000 px

Spray Paint Brush Set

Spray Paint Brush Set, This set includes 14 High resolution Spray Paint bushes (over 2000 px). Created with real spray paint on bristol board and converted into brushes. Made with CS4, download file includes all preview images as well as a installation help file.

Fire Brushes

Fire Brushes, 9 High Resolution Fire Brushes. Files Included 1 ABR file Help PDF file More Brushes More Light Effects Ultimate Light Effects Collection Light Effects Other Light Effects Collections

99 Ice Overlays Brushes

99 Ice Overlays Brushes, This atmospheric Photoshop brush pack is composed of 3 styles of overlays: • 36 ice textures (best suited for creating backgrounds); • 33 “frozen frames” overlays of rectangular shape; • 30 “frozen frames” overlays of square shape; You can use these brushes for backgrounds, template designs, winter holiday cards and invitations, flyers, photo manipulation etc. Files Included: • 3 .abr files for Photoshop CS3 & later versions – Highest Resolution 2500px (300DPI) • 1 PDF help file Have fun and don’t forget to rate!

Water Brushes for Photoshop CS2-CC

Water Brushes for Photoshop CS2-CC, 43 Hi-Res Professional Water Splash-Flow-Bubble-Line Brushes for Photoshop. Archieve contains two separate abr’s (Photoshop Brush File) for CS2 to CS5 & CS6 to CC users. Min brush size is 1500px. (up to 5000px, most of brushes are higher than 2500px) How to install Creative Graphics Water Brushes? Put the brush presets (.abr files) you have downloaded into the folder Photoshop Presets Brushes in the Adobe folder in Program Files if you use Windows or in Applications if you use Macintosh. The original brush presets that come with Adobe Photoshop are kept in this folder. You may also double click .abr file to load it into photoshop. Important Notice : For CS2-CS5 users please load : CreativeGraphics_Pro_Water_Bru

Light Beams Brush

Light Beams Brush, Pimp your design with light beams. The photoshop brush includes 29 light beams.

Gold Chain Jewellery Brushes Kit

Gold Chain Jewellery Brushes Kit, This is the first in a series of Chain & Jewellery fittings Brushes useful for creating Gold Necklaces & Bracelets in your designs for the web or other many purposes. The chain brushes work best on Work Paths created from pre-made shapes or the Pen tool. Instructions are included in the package. Included in this pack are: 1 ABR file with 10 Chain & 16 Jewellery Fittings Brushes 1 ASL file with 16 Gold Styles 1 ATN file with 1 action demonstrating use 1 PSD fully layered file with samples of all the brushes 1 PDF file with instructions Check out more of Jipito’s stuff:

12 Photoshop Lite Distress Texture Brushes

12 Photoshop Lite Distress Texture Brushes, Checkout this newest set of Adobe Photoshop Lite Distressing Texture brushes! Perfect for giving that slight worn vintage feel to your latest t-shirt design! Need a little grunge texture on a new poster mockup? Gotcha covered! These brushes are nice and big too, 2500 px by 2000 px at 300 ppi and work with all CS versions of Adobe Photoshop. Wanna see more? Checkout the “Screenshots” button above for an image of each included brush. High-Quality PNG texture files also included!

Hair Filaments Brush For Photoshop

Hair Filaments Brush For Photoshop, HAIR FILAMENTS PHOTOSHOP BRUSH make your cutouts look perfectly realistic using the Hair Filaments brush presets , with 41 thin hair filaments presets for your photoshop you will be able to recover the lost thin hair contour after cuting your subjects from the background in photoshop. and even more , by using the Hair Filaments brush it will be easier for you to cut women hair from the background as you won’t be worried about losing the thin hair contour. the thin hair filaments brush will make your work flow x2 times faster because all you will have to do is fastly and easily cut your character from the back ground and then you can easily achieve good looking cutout results by using the 41 presets to generate natural hair noise v

25 Clear Smoke Hi-Res Brushes

25 Clear Smoke Hi-Res Brushes, This Brush set contains 25 Extremely high resolution Clear Smoke Brushes. All the brushes are crystal clear and have fine details in high resolution. They are high quality and their size ranges from 1700px to 2500px, mostly they are 2500px in size. They are made using Photoshop CS2. The brushes are perfect for abstract as well as realistic effects in your art. You can use them for digital artwork, Print, Web etc. The Brushes are in .abr format (zipped), compatible with Photoshop CS2 and higher versions. Good look for your art, Happy Designing!

Splatters (set of 23 Photoshop brushes)

Splatters (set of 23 Photoshop brushes), SPLATTER BRUSHES Set of 23 high resolution Photoshop brushes for creating grunge artwork for backgrounds and dominant graphics. These brushes work great for print and web. Keywords grunge, dirty, edgy, brush, splatter, ink, drips, splats, splash.

25 Abstract Line Waves Photoshop Brushes

25 Abstract Line Waves Photoshop Brushes, 25 high resolution abstract line waves / modern geometric shapes (resolution 2500px) for Adobe Photoshop. It is a collection for modern, artistic designs such as posters, flyers, brochures or photo manipulation projects. ABR File included. Friendly help file included. These brushes are compatible with old Photoshop 7, all CS versions (CS – CS6) and newest CC. You can reach realistic effects using different Blending Modes in Photoshop. Great for making: abstract, artistic photo / image templates or frames, t-shirt designs, modern abstract website templates, skateboard decks, posters, business cards, brochures. Useful for a clothes (tshirt etc.) design, club & disco posters. You can reach beautiful effects

Stone Brush Pack (20 Photoshop Brushes)

Stone Brush Pack (20 Photoshop Brushes), Twenty large brushes for Photoshop, perfect for stone-like textured backgrounds in your work. Every time you use these brushes you will be able to create something unique every time! Also comes with a handy PDF help file to not only show you how to install the brushes, but also an example how you can start building your own textured backgrounds using these brushes. GraphicRiver Highlights AudioJungle Highlights Marketplace Projects That Use My Music Marketplace authors are very welcome to use my watermarked previews in their project previews free of charge! Many VideoHive authors have already used my music to embellish their projects and you can too! Simply download the audio preview directly from the aud

Lightning Brushes

Lightning Brushes, Visit our studio Get to know us GrDezign Studio     Visit our store Get a deal GrDezign Store     Stay in touch Follow us on Twitter @GrDezign     Exclusive Account Check it out Folksnet     Description 68 Different lightning pieces great for photo manipulations, graphic design ect. Included 1 ABR file with 68 different brushes, will work with all Photoshop versions from CS2. Files Included 1 ABR file Help PDF file Collections