Designer Pattern Bundle

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Designer Pattern Bundle

Designer Pattern Bundle,

Smart Noise Patterns

Smart Noise Patterns, Smart Noise Patterns 11 Noise patterns made with smart objects. Features Fully editable psd with filters used to create the patterns. Pattern file. Seamless png tiles. Contents 1 photoshop .pat file 11 photoshop.psd files 1024×1024 tiles for each pattern

42 Black&White Patterns

42 Black&White Patterns, A pack containing 42 patterns – high-resolution. Useful for web designers, games developers and digital artists as well.

Outline Polygon with Connected Dots Photoshop Brushes

Outline Polygon with Connected Dots Photoshop Brushes, Polygonal Brushes with Geometrical Particles for Photoshop People never forget how you made them feel. What if something similar happens when you will try this outstanding equipment like crypto style dotted brush set. It is not a human being of course, but this great material also can make you feel true joy of your productive cooperation. Without fail they will do it if you make up your mind to accept their help with modern techno-futuristic style, geometric shapes with hi-res and high ambitions, of course. Great add-ons for you: as a beautiful bonus, you will receive a photoshop ABR file that is easy to install, print ready, high-resolution and will perfect in creative digital or graphic projects and art web in general. In addition, in t

Vintage Lights Gradients

Vintage Lights Gradients, “Vintage Lights” it’s a collection of Photoshop gradients perfect for adding vintage atmosphere to your photos! You can use it like overlays in different layer modes (screen, overlay, lighten etc) or as elements of your design. Includes: – 1 grd. file with 15 gradients – help file Feel free to contact me for any help!

10 Food Photography Patterns

10 Food Photography Patterns, These tileable patterns are perfect to give your print designs or website backgrounds a fresh look! The pack includes 3 sizes (500,1000 and 200px), each as PNG and Photoshop Patterns. To give you the best customizability, there’s also a transparent version of every pattern, so you can simply put them on the color or texture you like better. Features 10 Unique Patterns 3 Sizes (500×500px | 1000×1000px | 2000×2000px) Colored and Transparent Versions PNG & Photoshop Pattern Files Seamless / Tileable Want to create your own Patterns ? Check out my product “Kitchen Scene Generator”, which allows you to create food related scenes with over 675 isolated items.

Metal Background Patterns

Metal Background Patterns, Dear buyers, please note , the patterns are double the size you see above, had to shrink the image so it fits, so when you see 100% size, its actually 50%. And the preview quality here on Graphic River is low. The patterns are crystal clear! Thank you! A package of 50 metallic HUGE background patterns for your metal needs! Each pattern is super high definition HD and 100% tilleable. Includes: – .pat Photoshop pattern file – .png images with transparency (For making seamless patterns in every software that can make tiles ) Also includes: – All the masks or mattes for all of the patterns – 6 noise and 2 grunge patterns You can create custom design with the matte and the patterns. Watch this video explaining how t

Lines Patten

Lines Patten, This pattern is available in 16 styles, you can easily copy and paste pattern style by psd file. Includes: • .pat file • 1 psd file Web Elements                                 Business Cards                 Web Navigation based on 960 grids with XHTML/CSS         Patterns / Textures

7 Ornamental Vintage Tileable Textures

7 Ornamental Vintage Tileable Textures, Pack includes: – 7x ornamental vintage tileable textures in .pat file – 7x .jpeg in 1000×1000px Perfect for backgrounds, photo overlays, styles, custom fills, web and print designs. Please rate the item if you buy it!

Bricks and Stones Tileable Patterns

Bricks and Stones Tileable Patterns, Bricks and Stones Tileable Patterns Patterns for Adobe Photoshop® Description 20 detailed Bricks and Stones Tileable Patterns These patterns are great for web designing, backgrounds, posters and everything you want to use on their backgrounds. Works great for Text, Icons and Buttons. They are tileable patterns so you can cover everything the extent that you want. Tileable Unique look and clean design Can be used anywhere Includes PAT file with 20 patterns. PSD file (590×4002 px, 300 dpi) layered to create the leather and skins tileable patterns depicted. Instructions To add the pattern pack, make double click in the leather-skin-patterns.pat file and go to the “styles palette” in Photoshop. You can use your pattern anywhere in Photosh

10 Tileable Wood Textures/Patterns

10 Tileable Wood Textures/Patterns, This pack comes with 10 tileable Wood Veneer textures/patterns. 1 .PAT file with 10 Wood patterns (1024px, 512px) 10 .JPG files containing the tilables patterns (1024px, 512px) Seamless vertical & horizontal Instructions included

Seamless Patterns Generator II

Seamless Patterns Generator II, Change any shape into 15 seamless patterns automatically Seamless Patterns Generator II will save your time by changing any shape into above 15 seamless patterns with just one click. Works with any image size. Tested successfully in Photoshop CS2 and up. Package includes: ATN file with set of 15 actions for quick seamless patterns creation short instructions file This is volume II of my Seamless Patterns Generators. Check out other files: Seamless Patterns Generator vol. I Seamless Patterns Generator vol. III Any comments, suggestions and rating are highly welcome. I’ll appreciate it very much. Thank you, enjoy!

Seamless Abstract Wave Patterns

Seamless Abstract Wave Patterns, 9 png files (512 × 512px) 1 .pat files 9 color theme The patterns can be used when designing: Web pages, Twitter pages, Banners, Posters, Business Cards, Backgrounds. Anything you can imagine!

Web Minimal Patterns

Web Minimal Patterns, Description Set of 65 vintage style patterns, great for web and graphic design. Included 65 200×200px JPG’s and Photoshop PAT file. Files Included 1 PAT file 65 JPG files Help PDF file More Patterns

10 Seamless Clay Textures

10 Seamless Clay Textures, All 10 textures in this file have been designed at the massive resolution of 1500×1500px so that you can scale them all the way from close up detail of the content out to a fine repeating pattern. The download itself contains; 10 full color jpg files 1 Photoshop PAT file including 10 patterns A detailed help file for using the .PAT file in Photoshop The textures can be used when designing; Web pages Twitter pages 3D Animation 3D Visualisation & Renderings Backgrounds Posters Banners Anything you can imagine! The patterns are all unique and will therefore create that same sense of uniqueness in your work. This is especially true given the very high resolution. Using seamless patte

6 Tileable Cork Photoshop Texture Patterns

6 Tileable Cork Photoshop Texture Patterns, 6 Seamless Tileable Cork Texture Patterns Buying this item will give you: – 6 seamless 1024×1024 cork texture .png files – 1 Photoshop pattern file (.pat) including all 6 textures in the same 1024×1024 resolution. Easy to use for any kind of design work. Webdesign, print, 3D interior design, photo-editing, … You can choose to use the image files or just import the photoshop pattern and use your fill tool to start using these seamless textures.

50 Ultimate Circular Mesh Patterns

50 Ultimate Circular Mesh Patterns, Dear buyers, please note , the patterns are double the size you see above, had to shrink the image so it fits, so when you see 100% size, its actually 50%. Thank you! The new ultimate circular mesh patterns in ultra high definition resolution. You will find in this package 50 hd, tilleable of course, transparent, holes, seethrough, metallic, mat, plastic, glossy, sci-fi, hi-tech, modern, rocky, gritty, dirty, clean, simple , minimal, to elegant and eerie otherworldly feel patterns made with lots of care, and lots of attention to detail, ready to be used in your project and elevate it to the next level. Including: .pat (Photoshop Pattern File) .png images (The images that make the patterns to create them in any other

Autumn Gradients

Autumn Gradients, How to Install Gradients Place the *.grd files into: Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop XPresetsGradients where X is the version number for your version of Photoshop or just click twice a file Autumn Gradients.grd to automatic install. To load a file, go to the Gradients palette, then click the small arrow in the top right corner and choose one of the gradient sets collections from the menu. If You have any questions, just write to me!

40 Pixel Patterns

40 Pixel Patterns, 40 Transparent Pixel PatternsBlack and white variations included (40 black + 40 white)Set includes: PSD file with all the patterns and some examples PAT file The font i used for the heading: Oswald [ ]

10 Wood Pattern Part 2

10 Wood Pattern Part 2, Include : .PAT file patterns saved in a tileable .PSD files with 10 layers .JPG Files good for your project

Vintage PhotoFX

Vintage PhotoFX, PhotoFX is a set of layered .PSD files to enhance the look and feel of your photo and emulate a vintage style photograph. Included in this set: 3 Layered .PSD files Usage: Just update the Smart Object Placeholder

Denim Light and Dark Patterns

Denim Light and Dark Patterns, The package contains 20 denim patterns in different light and dark colors. The package is perfect for web design and it will be useful for different purposes. – 20 JPG patterns 1000 x 1000 px / 72 ppi – 1 PAT file – 20 patterns 700 x 700 px / 72 ppi & 1000 x 1000 px / 72 ppi – Help files You can use this set in your own design, in web sites, backgrounds, textures, posters, flyers, cards, booklets, brochures, artworks, blogs, any kind of presentations & promotions, screensaver, wallpapers. I’d really appreciate it if you could rate my file. Feel free to contact me through my profile page if you have any questions, feedback, or need assistance. Check out my BEST items

Galvanized Seamless-Tileable Pattern

Galvanized Seamless-Tileable Pattern, Product DescriptionGlavanized SteelThe pack include:     1 .pat file with 12 high resolution 1024×1024 pix seamless/tileable pattern      1 Read Me file     JPG files included     Tutorial includedThanks for your support and If you have a moment, please rate this item,I’ll appreciate it very much!

Old Wood Floor Patterns

Old Wood Floor Patterns, Seven different color Old Wood Floor surfaces realistic texture backgrounds. Old Wood Styles. Great for your creativity, for website, 3d programs, banners, billboards, presentations, business cards, postcards, leaflets, flyers, flash and web backgrounds, desktop backgrounds and more. About files Seampless, Tileable JPG, 2048×1024 px PAT, Photoshop pattern, 2048×1024 px RGB – color mode Friendly file names Nice creativity! If you like the work, please mark this in the rating. Thank you! To see other works you can on profile page or the author’s website

100 (5x10x2) Slate Paving Tile Patterns

100 (5x10x2) Slate Paving Tile Patterns, Textures/patterns are seamless and completely original. Try laying them on top of each other to get different shades (shown on the display, in the background – sundance with a cedar overlay – as just one example). Swatches are shown at approximately 25-50% original size. Included: – 10 .pat files containing 105 patterns in total: 10 patterns in 5 colors, both standard and diagonal directions. – 1 .psd file containing all 105 seamless textures, neatly organized and easy to use. – 1 BONUS .pat file with all 5 original uncut slate textures (no tile pattern). – Swatch sheet for easy reference.

Pixels Patterns

Pixels Patterns, Pixels & Dots Patterns Content: 1 PAT File (Photoshop Pattern). 50 Patterns with various styles & colors.

12 Hi-Res Metal Grid

12 Hi-Res Metal Grid, file prev.psd contains all exampes of using patterns + bonus 2 gradient styles for letters, bevel style and glossy effect on size examples. -download file -extract it anywhere -copy and paste .pat files into CS5 Photoshop: C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS5PresetsPatterns -open new file in Photoshop -go to Edit>Presen Manager>Patterns click Load… -select your new pattern set Main File file all_metal_grids.pat contains all the other pattern files: metal_grid#1.pat, metal_grid#2.pat, metal_grid#3.pat, metal_grid#4.pat, metal_grid#5.pat, metal_grid#6.pat Source Files you can edit this files: metal_grid#1.psd, metal_grid#2.psd, metal_grid#3.psd, metal_grid#4.psd, metal_grid#5.psd, metal_grid#6.psd and create your own

Valentine Patterns

Valentine Patterns, The package contains 20 seamless valentine patterns made with different hearts and shapes. Love and romantic theme, perfect for web and print design. – 20 JPG patterns 500 x 500px / 72ppi – 1 PAT file with 19 patterns 500 x 500px and 1 pattern 128 x 128px – Help files Open Photoshop then click on PAT file named “20 Valentine Patterns “, that is in the unzipped downloaded folder. After that you’ll be returned to Photoshop, then open from menu Preset Manager > Patterns Preset – the new patterns are already at the bottom of the Patterns Preset. Open the second help file to read how to install patterns in different way. You can use this package in your own design, in web sites, backgrounds, textures, posters, flyers, cards,

Seamless Texture & Transparent Patterns

Seamless Texture & Transparent Patterns, Features 32 Seamless Texture and 20 Black Transparent Patterns Texture 512×512px Size and Black Transparent 256×256px Size PDF Instruction included Package contains (One PSD and One ASL File) Organized layers and groups Notes More Free Texture here: Please Rate if you like it! Thank you!

12 Seamless Wood Patterns

12 Seamless Wood Patterns, Watch textures in action List of features: Size: 45 MB (PAT file) 12 high resolution textures (1024×1024, plus small bonus) All the textures are seamless You can save it as JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and other image formats Easy to install – one Click needed Fully resizable Description: Package of 12 Seamless Wood Patterns contains 12 pcs of useful wood textures like painted wood, wood planks, tree barks & trunk. All of these items are seamless. That’s mean You can use it as backgrounds without a seam. You can also use this textures in Your projects like websites design, article design, flash presentation, flyers, wallpapers, brochures, birthday greeting cards, business cards and much more! All textures are be included into