Galactic Photoshop Styles

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Galactic Photoshop Styles

Galactic Photoshop Styles,

Vintage Retro Photoshop Styles

Vintage Retro Photoshop Styles, VINTAGE&RETRO PHOTOSHOP STYLES The most diverse set you can get, This amazing set designed to make a vintage/retro look to your design-with one click your text, shape or button will get a stunning vintage lookFEATURS: PSD file 300dpiASL file with 12 style inside Very easy to customize (created with Adobe Photoshop CS5 ) Help file. NOTE : THE FONTS ARE NOT INCLUDED !!! Enjoy and PLEASE don’t forget to rate it…….yAniv-k

3D Pressed Text Styles

3D Pressed Text Styles, This is a great pack of Pressed Photoshop text styles with 3D aspect who comes in 5 colors. You can use all these styles in web design but i made them in 3 different sizes, so you can use them even on print materials. With this Text Styles pack you can design a logo, a title or any text in web or print materials. Features on this 3D Pressed Styles pack: 5 colors of 3D Text Style 20 layer styles inluded 3 text sizes (200pt, 400pt, 600pt). You can change de size of these 3D styles using the Edit -> Image Size options. The ZIP arhive contains 3 PSD files with 3 different sizes of text styles 1 ASL files with 20 layer styles HTML help file One BIG surprise for you )” title=” :)” /> Fonts used: see the help file IMPORTANT

5 Metallic Paint Text Styles

5 Metallic Paint Text Styles, The METALLIC CAR PAINT Collection is 5 high-quality Photoshop text effects in unique look, created with two layers: Top (Lacquer) and Bottom (Paint). They’re so easy to use! WHAT’S INCLUDED Layered .psd file .asl file (text styles file) Readme.pdf file for instructions on installing, scaling and what free fonts are used, etc. SIDE NOTE Details such as fonts (links to download them) and how to scale them are also included in the read me. They are scalable but obviously work best as big texts with a various background.

Metal Photoshop Layers Styles V5

Metal Photoshop Layers Styles V5, Steel Photoshop Layers Styles V5 WITH 3D EFFECT LAYERS INSIDE PLUS ALL LIGHTS AND FLARES ONE CLICK STYLES !!!!!!!! Download file include 1 – a psd photoshop file with all the styles applied to text 2 – a photoshop asl file 3 – a help file that explains how to use the styles All these styles are 100% scalable. Font names and links to free Font download inside the Folder!

Sportswear Photoshop Text Effects Styles

Sportswear Photoshop Text Effects Styles, 7 Sportswear Photoshop Text Effects Styles for your sport media projects. That can be used great for big texts, logos, headers, t-shirts, posters, other cool designs/elements… Easy to edit PSD File (organized and named) included. Includes: Help File.txt (how to install and use the asl file) 1 ASL File and 7 Sportswear Photoshop Text Effects Styles – Star – Today – club – BAND – Team – Rock – JYM Font used: Star – Varsity Regular, Size 48 Pt (300dpi) Today – Today, Size 80 Pt (300dpi) club – Alba Regular, Size 70 Pt (300dpi) BAND – Bandung Hardcore GP Regular, Size 55 Pt (300dpi) Team – Team Spirit Normal, Size 60 Pt (300dpi) Unity Rock – Rockwell Extra Bold, Size 37 Pt (300

New Cinematic Styles Part 2

New Cinematic Styles Part 2, New Cinematic Styles Part 2 10 different Cinematic styles All 3D styles are made in SMART OBJECTS – very easy to change the tekst, font and size Help file with all instructions Fonts are in the helpfile Works on all fonts! BONUS – Lens Flares and ASL file with 31 Styles – Watch out for Part 1 of the New Cinematic Styles!!! Check out my other styles!

Smooth Glossy Elegant Wood Layer Styles

Smooth Glossy Elegant Wood Layer Styles, Wait to buy! Check Out this amazing Bundle Professional Effects – Realistic Rendering This set of 8 Photoshop Layer Styles allows you to create amazing clean and elegant texts and shapes. Useful for logotypes, typographic works, text effects but also for web layouts. Wood Professional Photoshop Layer Style – Wooden Text effect In the pack: 2 psd file 1 with the above presentation and 1 with the texts ready to be customized. Fully layered 1 asl file with the Layer Styles ready to be used and correctly named 1 txt file with the fonts used here 1 jpg file with a lot of tips and tricks Check Out Other Products and Freebies at some of these photos are property and kind concession of M.Rezania Hello my name is

20 Game Title Designs

20 Game Title Designs, This package contains 20 game title designs (editable text, color and fonts) which can be customized by the users by just click and edit the text as per the requirements. This is very useful for the game designers and developers who does not want to spend much time in designing titles. I have given some colors which are very attractive and widely used in the game designs. The colors can be changed easily in photoshop. So in case you need to change the colors, you can change them. And the fonts can also be changed. Package includes: – 1 PSD file with well organized layers and editable text and colors – 1 JPEG file – 1 ASL file Fonts are not included in this pack.

Retro Vintage Styles 4

Retro Vintage Styles 4, Retro Vintage Styles 4 The Pack contains 8 Retro-Vintage Styles for Photoshop. A must have for designers! Every style is on one layer. Perfect for Logos, Websites, Labels, etc. Enhance your Typography with just 1 Click! Included are: 1 Photoshop PSD 1 ASL file Pdf with instructions and download links for the fonts Please don’t forget to rate!

Industrial Pack – Text Styles

Industrial Pack – Text Styles, 20 Industrial Text Styles for Photoshop Here comes twenty very crispy, sexy, grungy, shiny, high quality effects to pimp your boring text with industrial inspired styles. They’re so easy to use! All one-click layer styles. What’s in the file? .psd file with effects used as seen in the image preview .asl file (text styles file) Readme.pdf file for instructions on installing, scaling and what free fonts are used, etc. Sidenote Only the text styles are usable. All other effects used in the preview are for presentation purposes only. Furthermore, the fonts you choose to use with the styles are up to you but for most effective effects I recommend using the fonts I used or similar ones. Details such as fonts (+ links to where you can d

Gold Text Effects

Gold Text Effects, Gold Text Effects Vol.1 This graphic resource gives you a quick & easy possibility to apply an high quality gold foil style to your text. You can use it on simple text, shapes and vector logo. You just need to replace them into the smart object of your favourite style included. Create a great poster or flyer, a facebook cover, a magazine title or a website banner and give them the gold foil touch. Features 10 PSD File 10 Textures 2000X1500 PX RGB / 300 DPI Gold & Silver Smart Object Replacement Well Organized Layers Fully Editable

32 Icon App Styles

32 Icon App Styles, Follow me With these styles, you can create beautiful, modern icons. It’s easy, just a few clicks! This pack contains: 32 photoshop styles PSD examples Help + tips & tricks My latest items:

Exclusive Blue Diamonds Text Styles

Exclusive Blue Diamonds Text Styles, PACKAGE DETAILS: Package name: Exclusive blue diamonds text styles Software version: Photoshop CS5 Copyright: March 14, 2011 Author: Charles Brown Resolution: 300 DPI (So that you will enjoy the power of both ‘PRINT’ and ‘SCREEN’ resolution.) Items: – ASL file – And PSD file Are you tired of managing low resolution layer styles? Do you want to experience the power of ultimate high resolution layer styles? This package is one of the premium bundles in “Graphic intelligence” season 1 DVD. It contains astounding text styles that will distinguish your artwork. We are determined to give you nothing but the best! Go for the best! Please take your time to see my other awesome items you will like. Thanks!

Glamour Photoshop Text Styles

Glamour Photoshop Text Styles, 9 glamourious photoshop styles 9 different colors 1 PSD file with 9 text styles 1 ASL file with 9 styles

Fur Styles

Fur Styles, This Fur Styles works fine with 3D rendered letters in this package. All characters are separated in layers with transparency. Font – Arial Bold. If you like some fur style look in your creation this is a great choice! Include this characters: 0123456789 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ,.*”+$#&?! and 15 Fur Style Effects. video tutorial – Thank you! Please see some of my collection…

Metal Text Style Pack

Metal Text Style Pack, 5 Awesome Metal Text Styles! These styles work great also with shapes and symbols! ASL

Neon Sign Styles Creator

Neon Sign Styles Creator, This set of 101 Photoshop layer styles is ideal for text, or any vector or shape. You can use it to create colourful and realistic neon images. Includes a whole set of extras, like neon tubes, cables, bolts, lights, shapes, brackets so you can create a realistic neon sign effect.Features: 84 + layer styles in ASL and PSD format + 17 extra styles = 101 Styles total Professional and realistic look Organized layer structure Scalable one layer styles Seven different layer styles (Color, Bright, Brighter, Stroke, Normal, Inner Stroke, Engraved) 12 color variations Extras (cables, holders, power supply, rail, lights, Flares, shapes, light tubes, Light Bulb, Sparks, Lamp Wall Fixing, tubes fixing, Bolt) 6 sample scenes (1600×2000px 300dpi) 16 bac

One Click Frames

One Click Frames, Frame your pics with one click! This set contains 10 layer styles for Photoshop that make a frame around your image. Just apply with a single click and you’re done! It comes with two versions of each frame. One normal and one small, in case you want to use them for thumbnails as well. This is a tool that you won’t regret having. Buy once, use forever. Includes instructions and tips. Images are for preview purposes only. You will be buying a Photoshop set of styles to frame your own images. More: Follow me on Twitter Follow me on the Envato marketplaces My GraphicRiver items on RSS

Marvelous Text Styles V20

Marvelous Text Styles V20, Fantasy shine text effects for photoshop, just click and applicable photoshop text effects. Marvelous Text Styles V20 are 3D photoshop styles just click applicable • Include : -Photoshop PSD -Photoshop ASL -Readme.txt Note: Link font in the ReadMe! file. • Don’t forget to rate it.Thanks!

Nuclear Industry Layer Styles

Nuclear Industry Layer Styles, “Nuclear Industry layer styles” >>>15 Nuclear Industry layer styles Photoshop Styles to add an enhanced biohazard look to your texts and designs . >>>INSTRUCTIONS: To add the style pack, make double click in “Nuclear Industry layer styles.asl” file and go to the “styles panel” in Photoshop. >>>The styles work individually, with just one layer. So all you have to do is apply the styles that you want on your texts, logos or vector shapes. These individual styles are named with the names shown in the preview . >>>The Used font was : Ash Link: >>>Check more items Hope you like it . About t

50 Metal Text Effects Bundle V3

50 Metal Text Effects Bundle V3, 50 METAL TEXT EFFECTS [BUNDLE V2] The pack include: 5 PSD files 5 ASL files (just one layer by style!) 5 TXT file with complete fonts list – INSTRUCTIONS: To add the style pack, make double click in the .ASL file and go to the “styles palette” in Photoshop. – RECOMMENDATION: If you want the same effect shown in the .PSD file and don’t have interest about install the complete pack into your Photoshop, just drag and drop the chosen text to your own design and edit them! VERY EASY! The BUNDLE is by comprehended 50 Metal Text Effects 1 of 5 50 Metal Text Effects 2 of 5 50 Metal Text Effects 3 of 5 50 Metal Text Effects 4 of 5 50 Metal Text Effects 5 of 5 BUNDLES

The Best Steel Text Effects & Styles

The Best Steel Text Effects & Styles, 5 Steel Text Effects & Styles for different sizes. Works great for text and Buttons too! INCLUDES : .asl file with 5 steel styles. .psd (590px * 590px) file with the 5 steel buttons styles for easy copy and paste. .psd file with editable text (590px * 590px) with the 5 styles layered to create the steel text effects depicted. FONT USED : Impact

Premium Text Styles for Games

Premium Text Styles for Games, You are a flash or a freelance product designer but you’re out of ideas on how to further improve your designs in an instant, don’t fret, this item will be your time-saver for all your game or product finishing needs. This would add a nice finishing touch to go along with specific type of games or product. The package includes 3 styles in 14 different varieties making it a total of 42 polished pre-made colors that are well thought out for all your game title needs.

Fire Blaze Text Styles

Fire Blaze Text Styles, 10 unparalleled photoshop fire text styles. Double layer and one click. Includes: Photoshop ASL Style, Photoshop PSD & Guideline to use Font:Akbar Note: For best results these styles SHOULD be used on a dark background, coloured or textured as used in preview. If you like don’t forget to rate!!!

New Chrome Styles

New Chrome Styles, New Chrome StylesCheck out the screenshots for more styles!!1 ASL with more than 60 Chrome Styles 14 PSD files with the styles applied on text for easy use or copy and paste the stylesAll 1 click styles!Combine the styles for a great metal look or 3D effect help is inside!Double click on the ASL and ready to use.

Space Game Photoshop Text Styles

Space Game Photoshop Text Styles, This styles simulate 10 Space Game text effects. You can applied on some main title. Thank you! Please see some of my collection…

NHL Hockey Jersey Styles – Part 1

NHL Hockey Jersey Styles – Part 1, NHL Hockey Jersey Photoshop Layer Styles – Part 1 Western Conference Teams NHL Hockey Jersey Photoshop layer styles –are the best for your titles, buttons, shapes, etc. Styles are usable for any Text and it also looks good on Shapes or Buttons. Check also – Eastern conference Styles NHL Hockey Jersey Layer Styles – Features All styles are made of 1 layer only Unique Styles Applicable with just one click Unique look and clean design Can be used anywhere ASL and PSD files included Applying NHL Hockey Jersey Styles – Quick and Easy To start using these styles just double click the file nhl-hockey-jersey-styles-1.asl. Now look at the Style Palette in Photoshop and You should see there 15 new unique styles. To Apply the Style

Grunge Revolution – Text Effects

Grunge Revolution – Text Effects, Grunge Revolution is a set of styles that will allow you to create a grunge text effect with minimum effort. You will be amazed how fast and easy you can create and customize many types of grunge texts/shapes/layers. Features: 3 fill textures 2 stripe textures 10 styling effects Complete control over each element – size, position, color etc Included: ASL styles file PSD file with the 10 predefined styles Detailed instructions file Text Effects you might like 3D Tools you might like Other files

Military Grade Camo: U.S. Camo (Vol.1)

Military Grade Camo: U.S. Camo (Vol.1), Professional layer styles for Adobe Photoshop. This set is a part of the “Military Camouflage” collection brought you by C.7 Design Studio, and includes 14 U.S. armed forces camo layer styles of past and present, used by US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marines (USMC), US Coast Guard, and Special Operations units and formations. All the styles are based on real life camouflage patterns deployed by various U.S. branches of military. The styles are fully scalable, and work well with high resolution text, smart objects, shapes and raster layers, and were optimized for 300dpi. Include 1 .ASL file, a PSD file for customization and a help file. Stay tuned for more collections.