42 Watercolor Brushes

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42 Watercolor Brushes

42 Watercolor Brushes,

Grunge Brush/Vector Stamp Set Volume 3

Grunge Brush/Vector Stamp Set Volume 3, Grunge Brush/Vector Stamp Set Volume 3! 26 Brushes Total / 13 Sets • High Resolution • High Quality • Heavy Grunge • Incredible Detail Download Includes: • 1 .ABR Photoshop Brush File • 1 .AI Illustrator Vector File • 1 .PDF – Read Me/Help File Feedback is always appreciated! Let me know what you guys do/don’t like, or do/don’t want, and I’ll be sure to keep all of your suggestions in mind for future sets. Thanks! And enjoy.

30 Grunge Photoshop Brushes

30 Grunge Photoshop Brushes, 30 Grunge Photoshop Brushes floor old grunge decay scratch dust paint cement tape dirt hair door splatter vent mold water wall door chip leaves rust box spray wrap drywall – 5000px Max Brush Size – .abr file – 30 .png files – High Resolution – Readme.txt for lower than cs6 versions

Spraypaint (Set of 16 Brushes)

Spraypaint (Set of 16 Brushes), SPRAYPAINT PHOTOSHOP BRUSHES Set of 16 high resolution Photoshop brushes for creating grunge spray paint artwork. These brushes work great for print and web. Keywords grunge, dirty, edgy, brush, spray paint, graffiti, extreme, large, high resolution.

16 High Quality Lens Flare Brushes

16 High Quality Lens Flare Brushes, 1x Photoshop .ABR File with 16x photorealistic and high resolution (2500px!!!) lens flare brushes Color of lens flare = foreground color = easily changeable!

50 Hi Res Watercolor Brushes

50 Hi Res Watercolor Brushes, 50 Hi-Res Watercolor BrushesCreate realistic looking paint effects with this superb 50 piece hi-res watercolor brush set. Brushes are full hi-res quality meaning they can be sized up to 2500×2500px (Full Size) and still look clean and crisp. Pack Features: 50x Brushes Each brush is hi-res 2500×2500px Organized and named in one .abr file Full installation and user instructions. Compatible with Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5 Be Cool, paint with your mouse!

Star Effects Brushes

Star Effects Brushes, 10 High Resolution Star Effects Brushes. Files Included 1 ABR file Help PDF file More Brushes More Light Effects Ultimate Light Effects Collection Light Effects Other Light Effects Collections

12 Flare Brushes

12 Flare Brushes, 12 high resolution lens flare brushes – a must-have for every designer!

20 Fractured Shatter Brushes

20 Fractured Shatter Brushes, Introducing the newest Brush Pack from Layerform Design Magazine. This detailed set of Shatter Brushes has been made from precide 3D Renders and then post processed to provide you with a clean cut set of brushes suitable for abstract art and photomanipulations galore! Included in this set is the following: – 20 Fractured Shatter Brushes – 20 3D Renders in .tiff format with Alpha Channel – Readme File. Thank you for checking out our Handcrafted goods, check out our other sets below, including our Handcrafted Splatter Brushes and Watercolor Brushes:

Photoshop Brushes Essentials

Photoshop Brushes Essentials, RW Essentials Brushes™ 2017 Bundle for PHOTOSHOP Highest quality simulation of all kind of Basic Art brushes for Photoshop and stylus available on market. Latest product of 2017. Full-range controled dynamics from your wacom stylus. Contains Complete set with all desired brushes allows you represent your ideas in any popular art technic with fastest and flexible way! Why I need this pack? Because it’s absolutely fantastic set you haven’t met before. THREE HUNDREDS (!) of total art brushes will cover all ways for your design, CG arts, texture creation processes. About a dozen of years work of High expert specialists trying to make best natural and handy tools for digital painting ever. Power up you photoshop now! No

Motion Picture Explosive Series 2

Motion Picture Explosive Series 2, Similar items: Motion Picture Explosive Series 2 Motion Picture Flame-Smoke Series PACKAGE DETAILS: Package name: Motion Picture Explosive Series 2 Software version: Photoshop CS5 Copyright: May 30, 2012 Author: Charles Brown Items included: – ABR file – PSD file – ATN file – ACO file EXTRAORDINARY EXPLOSIVE EFFECTS/3D SHATTERED GLASS/3D EXPLOSION SMOKE/STEAM ITEM FEATURE: 30 HI-RES BRUSHES (ABR FILES) 30 HI-RES READY-TO-USE PSD FILES PROFESSIONAL EXPLOSION EFFECT GENERATOR ‘Motion Picture Explosive Series’ bundle contains high resolution explosive effects, explosion smoke, and 3D scattered glass “abr” files and ready-to-use “psd” files. This is your opportunity to add more realistic action a

13 Hi-Res Brushes from Hell 2

13 Hi-Res Brushes from Hell 2, Sequel to “Fabulous HiRes Brushes From Hell – http://graphicriver.net/item/8-fabulous-hires-brushes-abr-from-hell/85694 This time there are 13 of these evil, grungy, dark and distressed brushes, in .abr, PSD and .PNG formats. Each brush itself can make a separate artwork piece. Size around 2000 pixels, which is very hi-res for all your needs. My favorite trick is to use one brush in white, then another one on top of it, in black (which creates the illusion of depth). Greys and reds are also cool to spice it up, but you should experiment with colors and blend modes. Use each brush on a separate layer, then use some of these brushes as erasers (lower the opacity to 30% or so) and delete around edges, resize the brush, and delete some

30 Low-Poly / Polygonal / Geometrical Photoshop Brushes #3

30 Low-Poly / Polygonal / Geometrical Photoshop Brushes #3, 30 high resolution brushes (resolution up to 2500px) for Adobe Photoshop with low-poly / polygonal / geometrical shapes. Play with ease using triangular / polygon brushes in your graphic / print / web project! Check out more Low-poly / Polygonal Photoshop brushes: These brushes are compatible with old Photoshop 7, all CS versions (CS – CS6) and newest CC. You can reach realistic effects using different Blending Modes in Photoshop. Great for making: abstract, artistic photo / image templates or frames, t-shirt designs, modern abstract website templates, skateboard decks, posters, business cards, brochures. Useful for a clothes (tshirt etc.) design, club & disco posters. You can reach beautiful effects cre

White Clouds Brushes

White Clouds Brushes, White Clouds Brushes Collection. Hi-res 16 brushes from 2749 to 4724 px, 300dpi, abr Photoshop CS6+ file.

Floral Watercolor PS Stamp Brushes

Floral Watercolor PS Stamp Brushes, Note: These files can be used in Adobe Photoshop CS and higher. This is a set of watercolor high resolution stamp brushes for Photoshop. The set includes leaves, branches, grass, flowers, ribbons, banners, watercolor textures, different objects, swirls and splatters. All brushes are hand painted with watercolors. You can easily pick up any color and create endless designs with these brushes. So let’s see what is included: 6 .ABR files for Photoshop CS and higher – the files are named for each category- Florals, banners and ribbons, trees, splatters, swirls and miscellaneous objects. 1 PDF help file – inside you will find a quick guide how to install the brushes and some tips how to use them. 4 JPEG preview files of

10 High Resolution Tree Brushes

10 High Resolution Tree Brushes, A 10 highly detailed and high resolution tree brushes for photoshop! These 10 brushes are fantastically detailed, and high resolution. All brushes are the maximum allowed brush size for Photoshop (either 2500 wide, or 2500 tall). They were created by taking High Resolution Raw pictures of trees on a grey cloudy day, to be perfect to make into brushes while preserving the maximum amount of detail of the trees. You can even spot little leaves and birds in them!

Real Snow Photoshop Brushes

Real Snow Photoshop Brushes, Real Snow Photoshop Brushes GET 17 UNIQUE DYNAMIC SNOW BRUSHES So when we had snow forecast, I decided to make the best of it and resolved to craft some authentic snowfall brushes. I figured not everybody lives in a locale where snow is common and I wanted to confirm my neighbor’s suspicions that I’m uniquely bizarre by hanging a black cloth over my kids swing set instead of shoveling the drive. Regardless of the odd looks and sneers, I did manage to get some great shots of falling and resting snow! These brushes are wonderfully realistic and easy to use. The brush settings already contain spacing and scatter settings as well as dynamic pressure-sensitive settings. These brushes are a joy to use and can easily transform a scene to a winter

50 Photoshop Classic Banner Brushes

50 Photoshop Classic Banner Brushes, Ever needed a quick banner for a layout in Photoshop? Well you’ll be covered with this set of 50 Photoshop Classic Banner Brushes. This set includes 2-versions of 25 classic banner shapes. There’s an “Outline” version and a “Filled” version that should help make quick work while designing in Photoshop. These brushes are nice and big too, 2500 px wide at 300 ppi and they’ll work with all CS versions of Adobe Photoshop. Be sure to checkout the “Screenshots” button above for a view of all 50 brushes. High-Quality PNG files of all 50 brushes also included.

Drops Brushes

Drops Brushes, A set of 23 hires splatter brushes – extremely useful for all your “bloody” designs (usable as any liquid splatter – paint, blood, oil, etc.). All the brushes are huge, above 2k pixels, so they also work great on large dimension prints. Have fun using these!

Ink Drop Pack

Ink Drop Pack, Ink Drop Pack 8 types of ink files (all in png & jpg) Eps & Ai (Illustrator vector file) + Photoshop brushes ready to use (ABR) Enjoy Visit my complete portfolio Here

Bird Brushes

Bird Brushes, A complex set of bird brushes containing individual flying birds, flocks, silhouettes and real looking elements. You can use these brushes for template designs, brochures, photo manipulation, posters etc. I recommend using them on different, individual layers for easy modifications and ulterior interventions. You can also play around with the opacity of the brush or the layer and use them as an eraser tool (with different opacities). Have fun brushing! Files Included: 1 .abr file for Photoshop CS6 – Highest Resolution 5000px; 1 .abr file for Photoshop CS3 & later versions, before CS6 – Highest Resolution 2500px; 20 PNG format images with transparency for maximum flexibility; 1 PDF help file.

Harem Sundries

Harem Sundries, 10 Photoshop brushes that tile well thanks to dynamics carefully set. Tip: pres the SHIFT key while laying your brush stroke onto the canvas for straight lines. You’ll get good results this way. More: Tags: harem, morocco, ornament, charm, trim, border, brush, set, embellish, ornate, decor, decoration, frame, Islam, orient, oriental, exotic, tile Follow me on Twitter Follow me on the Envato marketplaces My GraphicRiver items on RSS

50 Scratches Brush Set

50 Scratches Brush Set, 50 Hi-res brushes of various scratches. Great for adding grunge to images or for creating your own textures and effects. Please see screenshots for additional ideas. Set contains: .ABR File JPG files of each brush PSD Files of samples images

32 Firewoks Brushes

32 Firewoks Brushes, 32 Firewoks Brushes 100 to 1000 pixels How to install brushes: 1. Put the .abr file you’ve downloaded into the folder /Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS3/Presets/Brushes (on mac OS X) or C:Program FilesAdobePhotoshopPresetsBrushes (on Windows) . 2. Then open your Adobe Photoshop, active brush tool, go to option palette and click on to open the brush preset picker.

Rune Circles Brushes

Rune Circles Brushes, A collection of 10 high-resolution Photoshop brushes of rune circles. Compatible with Photoshop 7 or later versions.

30 High Resolution Dust, Powder & Particle Brushes

30 High Resolution Dust, Powder & Particle Brushes, 30 High Resolution Dust,Powder & Particle Brushes. Package includes 30 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes in 2 abr file versions for PS CS2 to CS5 and CS6 to CC2018+

40 Halftone II Photoshop Brushes

40 Halftone II Photoshop Brushes, This pack contains 40 halftone in high resolution brushes (resolution up to 2500px) for Adobe Photoshop. Pack is compatible with Photoshop 7 & newer versions. It is a collection for modern, artistic designs such as posters, flyers, brochures or photo manipulation projects. ABR File included. Useful for a clothes (tshirt etc.) design, club & disco posters (or flyers, brochures), also helpful in creating logotypes, creative business cards etc.

120 Watercolor Vector Brush Set

120 Watercolor Vector Brush Set, This set includes 120 clean watercolor vector art brushes for Adobe Illustrator. These brushes were created by hand from actual water color paintings. Download now and use these brushes to your designs and get the awesome watercolor feeling.

Grundge Overlays – Photoshop Brushes

Grundge Overlays – Photoshop Brushes, This atmospheric Photoshop brush pack is composed of 2 styles of overlays: – 30 overlay textures (best suited for creating backgrounds); – 30 frame overlays of rectangular shape; This is a perfect set of professional Photoshop brushes for graphic designers and illustrators. You can use these brushes for backgrounds, template designs, flyers, photo manipulation etc. Files Included: – 2 .abr files for Photoshop CS3 & later versions – Highest Resolution 2500px (300DPI); – 1 PDF help file;

43 Dirt Smudges & Trails 3

43 Dirt Smudges & Trails 3, 43 high resolution dirt, smudges & trails from paint brushes (resolution up to 2500px) for Adobe Photoshop. Pack is compatible with Photoshop CS & newer versions. It is a collection for modern, artistic designs with various painted dirts, grungy style watercolor & other trails from paint. You can reach realistic effects using different Blending Modes in Photoshop. Great for making: t-shirt designs, modern website templates, skateboard decks, posters, business cards, brochures.